B-Pak Logistik, partner of Bio-Strohhalme welcomed as a supplier on Packiteco.com

February 04, 2020

Founded in 2018, B-Pak Logistik works closely with manufacturing partner, Bio-Stohhalme to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly disposable drinking straws and we are delighted to welcome them to our platform.

Products are available in many different sizes, colours and product material, including natural wheat, paper and sugar-starch. There are even heat resistant options available for use with hot drinks.

The Bio-Strohhalme philosophy recognises that credibility is dependent on reconciling words with action and works to preserve the life-cycle of their products from growth of the natural materials through processing, use and disposal. “In addition to sustainable productions, we work together with producers and farmers who also follow our strict criteria and actively support us in producing a high-quality natural product.”

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