To each his own – The use of local materials for biopolymers

October 14, 2019

Products made of biopolymers are globally increasing in popularity. In addition, this trend can be observed in the increasing availability and variance of bioplastic items. And variance is the operative point in this case. 

Raw materials for biopolymers range from isolated chemical structures such as polylacticacid (PLA) over bamboo, as a popular one, and grass fibers. It seems that nowadays there exists no border for the production of biodegradable plastics. 

However, as a new trend, the use of local materials for biopolymers is raising more and more awareness. The classic bamboo coffee cup does not lack anything regarding to environmental friendliness, utilisation or product characteristics. However, its environmental balance might not always be the best option when raw materials are shipped around the globe as feedstock for manufacturing. 

The use of locally abundant materials, such as avocado pits in Mexico or olive pits in Turkey, supports both: local economies and the environment, while at the same time proving all the necessary material characteristics.

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To each his own