Introducing our new look logo

November 01, 2019

Having been online for some months now, we decided the time was right to reshape our logo. 

We know everyone will undoubtedly have his or her own interpretation of our new look logo, and thought we would share our vision for it with you.

We wanted the overall design to emphasize our primary target for a circular economy.  Providing sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to single-use products initially, we will be adding different products as time goes by which will contribute more towards a multi-use and re-use strategy. 

The triple bottom line approach (social, environmental & financial) is also reflected in our three-word company name. The target aspect of the design represents our goal of globally supplying the best sustainable products for our customer’s specific needs.

Whatever interpretation is individually made of the design, we most likely all agree that the colours reflect the natural world for everyone. And therefore representing the ecological projects being supported by pack it eco.  

We would love to know your thoughts on our new logo and, as always, are keen to learn of interesting products that could be an enrichment to the B2B-marketplace.

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pack it eco logo