Packiteco at kick-off workshop of the BIOVERPACKT innovation forum.

December 20, 2019

Packiteco owner & CEO, Markus Dangelmayer, recently attended a workshop with the innovation forum, BIOVERPACKT.

Markus joined over 20 other participants from all over Germany to discuss the possible uses and potential obstacles in dealing with bio-based packaging, sharing information as well as the groups own experiences.

Following presentations made by several speakers, attendees had the chance to share particular challenges they are currently facing regarding bio-based packaging, and what they each hope to gain from participation in the forum. 

Those present agree that they see great potential for working together on "Bio-packed without excuses - from A to Z".  Developing a communication channel to bundle relevant information, or to clarify definitions in the collaboration between business and science, "to counter prejudices quantitatively and scientifically", and to transfer research results into practice, have been topics discussed among others. 

Find out more about BIOVERPACKT innovation forum here.


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BIOVERPACKT innovation forum