welcome Messerle as a supplier on the platform

March 31, 2020

Sustainability and supporting a circular economy are fundamental to Messerle, and we are thrilled to have them join the growing pack it eco community.

“Trading attitude - it's not the one big gesture that changes everything. It is the many small steps that do good.  As a family-run company, we are closely connected to the country and its people - an obligation towards our customers and our environment.”

A wide range of packaging options for takeaway food are offered on the pack it eco platform by Messerle.  These are part of the Greet take-away series with food boxes, clamshells and trays for hot and cold dishes as well as semi-transparent paper fruit and vegetable bags.

All products are sustainable and certified for direct contact with food.

In addition to their commitment to offering quality ecological products, Messerle implement various environmental initiatives throughout their organisation. These include the use of ‘green’ electricity at their headquarters in Mäder, to supporting sustainable energy projects in Turkey. They also hold several eco-certificates, including ARA and ÖKOPROFIT.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome with Messerle the first partner in a neighbouring country on the platform. The product range further complements previous offers and fully supports our commitment to sustainable and high quality products”, stated Nathalie Fickenscher-Carbonnelle, Sustainability Consultant, responsible for the Supplier Management at pack it eco


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