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Oct 21, 2019

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Oct 21, 2019

A recently published short communication in the high impact journal Science of the Total Environment led to controversy amongst Ecologists worldwide, and in particular in South America. 

Oct 14, 2019

Products made of biopolymers are globally increasing in popularity. In addition, this trend can be observed in the increasing availability and variance of bioplastic items. And variance is the operative point in this case. 

Oct 07, 2019

It sounds futuristic, but by 2050 approximately 80% of the raw material in tyres produced by the French manufacturer Michelin will be sustainable and 20% biodegradable. 

Sep 30, 2019

In order for us here at packiteco to understand the specific needs of our potential customers, we asked a variety of different businesses to spend a few moments completing a survey for us.  

Sep 23, 2019

A team from the Stockholm Resilience Center (1) recently explored the issue of marine plastic pollution under consideration of a holistic global view, including all affected earth systems.

Sep 16, 2019

There are usually two pathways to re-think and change our behavior – even in consumption – we are either making our own and proactive choices, or we are being forced to a certain behavior by others.

Sep 09, 2019

It is rare to make it through a summer holiday without seeing a giant rubber ring or lilo bobbing around in the pool - but often their days are numbered.

Sep 03, 2019

A team of the US Geological Survey (USGS, 1) working on nitrogen deposition by chance discovered microplastic particles in more than 90 % of their atmospheric wet deposition samples, taken along a transect in the Colorado Front R