Martin Dorey is a writer, surfer and beach lover.  He co-founded the Beach Clean Network in 2009 and started the #2minutebeachclean hashtag in 2013 after North Atlantic storms left UK beaches littered with plastic rubbish.  It’s a simple, effective idea – pick up beach litter for 2 minutes, bag it, tag it, bin it – and the hashtag has been used many thousands of times around the world.  

Martin is the expert when it comes to understanding the impact plastics have on our planet.  His book, No.More.Plastic. continues the clean-up beyond our beaches with a #2minutesolution for everyone. The book shows you what you can do to help.  Starting today, with just 2 minutes of your time.

Open the book with your children, give it to your friends.  Spread the word.  With its smart, surprising and simple solutions, we can all make a genuine difference.

“We could actually do something about plastic right now” – David Attenborough

Together we can fix this.

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