We have teamed with strong partners to provide our customers with the best sourcing, shopping experience, and product value.

Our common goal, and the basis of our daily activities, is to reduce harmful waste as far as possible.

Claudia Windeck is a professional in agri- and environmental management and biogeochemistry.
Silke Schön is a dedicated market researcher with a proficiency in packaging.

PACOON GmbH, based in Munich and since 2018 also in Hamburg, is an owner-run design agency.  As a leading agency for package design and sustainability in the DACH region informed, motivated and supports companies there in making them more sustainable, implementing packaging solutions.

GRYNA was founded in 2019 by Sabrina Pohlmann. Due to her almost 20 years of professional experience i.e. in freight forwarders, in the Otto Group and its own pocket label FERDINandNOAH, she has extensive and well-founded knowledge in the field of logistics and corporate processes.

Circulaya has setup tools and services to enable your company to take substantial action toward sustainable packaging. 

Our thinking is based on circular economy principles. As packaging experts we have experience in evaluation, analysing and implementing of packaging and processes.