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Our common goal, and the basis of our daily activities, is to reduce harmful waste as far as possible.

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Helping companies through smart tree planting to become visibly more sustainable, address CSR, attain talents and improve the bottom line and at the same time, address deforestation and regenerate.

Martin Dorey is a writer, surfer and beach lover.  He co-founded the Beach Clean Network in 2009 and started the #2minutebeachclean hashtag in 2013 after North Atlantic storms left UK beaches littered with plastic rubbish.  It’s a simple, effective idea – pick up beach litter for 2 minutes, bag it, tag it, bin it – and the hashtag has been used many thousands of times around the world.  

World leader in certification of bioplastics

Through certification, we want to offer a tool for fair play in the market of bioplastics and, by extension, all compostable, biodegradable and biobased products.  As a 100% independent party, we apply the same rules for everyone.

PEFC is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. 
ClimatePartner enables companies and their customers to protect the environment.

Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria